Miranda Cabero

Aloha! My name is Miranda, Founder of Divine Moon Wellness. I was born and raised in San Diego, by divine blessing I relocated to Oahu. I am a Certified Usui Reiki Master, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Holistic Practitioner, blessed to have walked this path for five transformative years. 

Let me share a little about my Journey that led me here:

My journey began in 2017 as a result of an incredible path of transformation and self-discovery. I made a life-changing decision to enroll in a massage therapy school. After graduating from massage therapy school, by divine timing I was led to experience a Beautiful Reiki session by an amazing human, who is now my Reiki master teacher and mentor. This was when I founded my passion for Reiki and Spirituality. It was not until I experienced challenges of trying to conceive, that I understood the profound deep healing and re-discovery of love for myself. After the completion of Reiki master certification, I discovered that healing of the heart and womb space is possible through awareness of how I was feeling, allowing myself to truly feel and then release the trauma and pain that I was storing in my body through Reiki, somatic movement, breath work, sound healing and other holistic modalities. This was a huge realization. Especially as a woman experiencing infertility. I often questioned my body, my capability, and my power. However, through these challenges, and the discovery of the power of holistic healing partnered with the blessing of living in such a potent and sacred land, Hawaii, I was guided back to awareness of my power and my true authentic self. I was reminded of the sacredness of my heart and womb space. 

This has led me here, to the creation of Divine Moon Wellness. With the Intention for those on their healing Journey to Re-Discover their true essence, bring awareness back to their heart space, re-connect with their bodies and embrace their divine self.

My soul sings with gratitude for the trust my clients have in me, allowing me to guide them on their path to inner peace, radiant health, and profound self-discovery.

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