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Holistic and Energy Healing Services

Are you looking for a holistic and energy-healing business that offers a wide range of services? Divine Moon Wellness is here for you!

Our services include Hands on healing with Reiki, massage therapy, and other intuitive therapies. We use a variety of healing tools such as 7 chakra sound bowls, tuning forks and breathing exercises to provide a full body somatic healing experience. These modalities integrated with holistic and energy healing techniques, our clients can find the right approach for their individual needs and preferences and begin their personal healing journey.

We take pride in not just offering these services but also providing them with sincere passion and intention. Our founder and healer, a licensed massage therapist, Certified Reiki master, and intuitive guide, completed her healing studies in 2018 and has continued to pursue her passion for helping others ever since. Her many years of experience provide our clients with exceptional guidance and knowledge when it comes to their healing journey.

At Divine Moon Wellness, we strive to provide a safe and welcoming space for our clients to explore their healing potential. We believe that our intimate and peaceful healing studio is just the right place for this exploration. Our team of experienced practitioners will provide the most holistic and sensitive approach to our clients' needs.

Trauma and stress can be held in the body leading to physical symptoms days, months, even years later. This is why we understand how beneficial and necessary it is for our clients to let healing energies flow and for their bodies to be free from stress, trauma, and emotional blockages. That is why we are committed to providing our clients with the best holistic and somatic energy-healing experience. We invite you to call to schedule your appointment today and take a step closer to bringing clarity and finding lasting healing and peace. With our help and guidance, you can take your first step towards living your best life.

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