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Restorative Reiki-infused Massage

Embark on a deeply rejuvenating journey as you experience our expertly crafted fusion of massage techniques, meticulously tailored to address your unique needs and preferences. 

The difference between intuitive therapeutic massage and Restorative Reiki-infused massage lies in the profound essence of intentionality. Within the context of this Reiki-infused massage, your encounter transcends mere hands-on muscle manipulation for the purpose of alleviating knots and tension stored within your physical form. It extends to the integration of universal life energy—a conduit for profound healing. The focus extends beyond the physical release, delving into an exploration of the underlying reasons for the manifestation of tension or knots in specific regions of the body.

This holistic approach combines the synergies of two modalities—Reiki and intuitive therapy—to establish a profound connection with your body, mind, and soul. The objective is to unearth latent answers ingrained in both your physical and subconscious realms. Augmented by complementary holistic healing tools such as sound therapy, crystal healing, and breathwork, this comprehensive methodology facilitates the necessary release the body craves. The synthesis of these modalities aims to transmute trauma or pain, to a heightened state of awareness. Ultimately, this transformative process empowers you to elevate your vibrational frequency and step into the realm of your highest potential.

There are two options for this service; "Out Call", Where I come to you, for those that would like this experience in the comfort of their own home, as well as our Aiea Location, when you are looking to experience your sessions in a tranquil setting. Please select which option would best suit your preference.

***There will be a $10 travel fee for more than 15 minute travel time from my location.

From $90.00 Starting price

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